Vinu I am getting married

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Author : Vineet Mishra
Publishers : Alchemy
Borrowed : Vandana Karande, RCP, Mumbai

“ Vinu I am getting married ” is a fiction (atleast the author claims so) authored by my friend and colleague Vineet Mishra [the guy on right, in his standard pose] and published by Alchemy Publishers.

I really thought of not blogging on fictions, as the author as the full right on their imaginations and I have no right to comment on the imaginations. But then, Vineet wanted the review. Also, Vineet being my friend, I had to be more careful on not hurting his feelings.

To start with, Vandana one day was too excited about starting a book club in RIL, where like-minded people can share their experiences on various books they come across. While a few were daring to join the club, we identified that Vineet within our organization is already an author. He had written a book and was awaiting publication. Now, Vandana and I went to meet him, found him sipping coffee with his colleagues, pulled him out of the cafeteria in his block and generously allowed him to join the book club.

From Vineet we heard a lot about the intricacies of publication, marketing the book, profits, reviews, proof reading, etc. It is indeed a laborious work. But it is a great feeling to have your book on hand. Kudos to the effort. He has been felicitated within the company and outside too.

The book is dedicated to ‘Friendship’. The story is about a group of college guys. It is a typical college story. There are friends, fights, canteen / mess, drinks, late night parties, fence jumping, suicide, girlfriends, relations and well, a little education / exam too. Our hero is class topper. I felt it like a typical Tamil movie, where however casual the hero is, he gets good marks and best out of life.

Frankly, cannot deny relating it with ‘5.someone’; maybe because we all have read it earlier. The book has similar friends group; four as against 3 in ‘5.s’. Hero has got girlfriend and in this aspect a bit advanced. There is an affair instead of just kissing in ‘5.s’. There is a frantic search of heroine by hero, as against friends searching hero in ‘5.s’. The incidents are different but somehow feel relating to ‘5.s’. Had this book ‘Vinu’ been published before ‘5.s’, we could have had a movie with Aamir as hero Salman aka Vineet and Kareena as heroine Mallika. But, now we have to look for different casting. The book is enjoyable to read and took me in one go. However, the end was abrupt. There was no requirement of convincing the heroine, fight with villain, family feuds, etc. All incidences just fell in place and story ended with ‘happily ever after’.

The book is a small and handy publication with reasonable font; so it was easy to hold in hand and read. It is rightly priced and also available at reasonable rate in Flipkart. It also has got a lot of good reviews from the readers. You could just google and find them. An effort such as this has to be encouraged. Hence, you may please buy a copy.

Post book publication, Vineet has been doing a lot of work to catch further attention on the book. My humble request is that he needs to move ahead with his next book and publish it before people forget him.

All the best!

Karthik Nilagiri

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