The Story of My Assassins

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The Story of My Assassins
– Tarun J Tejpal
Harper Collins

Wow! Excellent!! Marvellous!!! What a way of storytelling Tarun Tejpal has got.

Charu Nivedita had been telling about Tarun Tejpal since a long time in his blog. With some impulse I got three of his books.

assassins front

When I started with this, I had no expectations and a lot experience on Indian English authors (save Khushwant Singh). So I walked carefully on the book. Pages moved slowly. It took a little time to understand his way of writing. Once I crossed a few pages and started to read the story in his way of storytelling, then there was no stopping. Whatever the incident may be, Tarun has a class way to express it. The writing pulled me in. Either the way any character is portrayed or an incident is explained, it’s all the way a WOW! experience. And the incidences – be it love or violence – were raw. Just as the way you see it. The life of the five assassins who attempt to murder the author is the book.

Read it. Relish it. Enjoy the way of writing. I have nothing to review of this book. Its the reading pleasure that you have to experience yourself.

One day, if at all, I try to write a story in English, I would like to write like Tarun.

Verdict: Preserve in your library

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