Sothappitten Machi

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Author : Ka. Thamiliniyan
Publisher : Kuri Publishers
Purchased :, Chennai
Sothappitten Machi (Tamil) is a collection of poems written by Ka. Thamiliniyan.
The book was recommended by my friend Suresh. Thamiliniyan is a friend of Suresh.
The book is very small and has got around 25 poems, all very little and really no meaning. Once I read a couple of first poems, I started to worry why I ordered the book. The title of the book made me think that it contains some funny poems about love. But nothing of such kind was noticed.
I had earlier purchased Pa. Vijay’s poem books, because Sun TV Weather News reporter H. Monika modeled that book. Per my standards the poems were too bad and had no impacting meaning. Just jumble of words. This book Sothappitten Machi is a lower quality of the same Pa. Vijay genre poems. None of the poem had any meaning that would impact anyone, leave alone a lover. If you allow me, even I could write number of poems like this. Remember the poem by ‘Mirchi’ Siva in “Chennai-28”? [Un kaaladi naai selvi…; un kaalkadi naai…]
When I got the book, I quickly noticed that the writer is from my college, Madras Institute of Technology. A junior. I knew some poets from my college, all smitten by love. But their poems were recited only to their lovers; some actually lost their love just because they recited those poems to their lovers. Frankly, my college was too technical for a poet to blossom and there were very few girls who would arouse a poet in someone. I don’t know who made Thamiliniyan to write poems, maybe someone from nearby Vaishnav College or Vel’s College.
The writer seems to have money to publish his thoughts as a book. Also he seems to have political background. The Foreword is written by a politician Vaigaichelvan. To his part, he too has recited a poem in the Foreword.
I frankly just went through pages because it contains photos of beautiful models, all taken from internet. That’s all.
As a college senior I wish him in publishing a better book next time.
My verdict: No need to read.

Karthik Nilagiri

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