Soorya – Chair Jump

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With days rolling by, I am learning new things each day. Mummy is happy with some of my new achievements like walking, saying ‘mmaaa’, drinking water directly from tumbler, tearing paper exactly into half, crawling fast from one room to another (at the rate of 1 room/8 min), etc. But sometimes she even scolds me. Especially when I once tried to insert my finger in the biggest hole of the plug point. My dad, a great instrumentation engineer, said that current does not flow through the biggest hole in the plug point and no great harm may occur fiddling it. Technically he may be right, but mom does not allow me playing with plug point. So I have to obey her and keep away from the plug points.

Recently I thought to experiment a new thing. Jumping from one chair to another. We had bought a second hand dining table with 6 chairs for Rs. 5000. Three chairs were kept in line in our hall. One day, I was made to sit on the first chair.

I slowly moved to the end of the first chair and thought of jumping to the second chair. Hmmm, it does not look that scary to jump to the next chair. Even if I fall, the fall will not be too high. It may be just a 1 or 1.5 feet fall. So as a 9 month brave lad I should attempt to jump now. Shall I?

Wait! Wait! I wonder why I am taking such a risk. There is really no big incentive in the job. I may not appear in Guiness / Limca book of records for being the youngest boy to jump across the chairs. There are already a lot of kids who have done such kind of jobs. So, shall I stay put on where I am?

Eeeh! It’s a nail biting situation. I need to overcome my inhibitions and rise to great heights. I feel scared and nervous. Few days back, once when I got up, I tried to get from my bed and had a steep fall of 1 foot. The pain was great and I had a big cry. I even had a small bubble on my head that time. So the job of jumping can be risky and disastrous again. Shall I drop the expedition of moving to next chair?

But wait! There is really no need to fear. Fear stops man from achieving great things. Great men have got their name engraved in history because of their brave acts. I have to be brave if I have to have my named engraved in history. Don’t I look more confident now?

Yeah! Yeah! I have jumped successfully to next chair. This is a great achievement. One of its kind in my lifetime. It may be easy for you guys but for a guy of my age, it’s a great feat. A snap of the jubilant moment. Don’t I look glorious now?

Oh! Oh! Mummy caught me while jumping. I feel embarrassed. I could get scolded for various mischiefs like spilling oil, applying Johnson & Johnson powder on shoes, eating candle, etc. But getting a reprimand for an achievement is bad. It’s better to act guilty if she scolds. More better, it would be prudent to start crying even before she starts scolding. I need to play down the situation. Do I look enough embarrassed?

Viola! Mummy did not scold me. Instead she just kissed me for my achievement. I feel like Armstrong on the moon. On the top of the world. An achievement approved by mummy is a great feeling. Let me ask to increase my pocket money on this achievement. I feel happy. Don’t I look so?

Karthik Nilagiri

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  1. sankar says:

    really beautiful…… naalaikku soorya periya payyanaana piragu idha padichaanna appava nenaichu romba sandhosha paduvaan

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