Rooh (ரூஹ்) – Lakshmi Saravanakumar

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Somewhere deep down, we’re all kids. Wanting stories more and more. Luckily, my generation had story tellers; that too a lot. I used to hear stories from my grandparents and then parents. Their travels, experiences, struggles, victories and a lot more turned into stories. I lived through stories told.

ரூஹ் Rooh

My grandmother can tell her first piercing of nose into a three hour narrative; which I would have heard atleast once in a year from her. But then, she has another story where she was a midwife who helped delivery of a baby. The story of expectations, pain, blood, cry and birth of an another life. No sex education in the world would have given me an introduction to women than that narrative my grandmother told. My grandfather used to tell a story about his wealth lost, how he started from scratch and built another home. Father even now tells the story of how be finished B.Com. from American College. My mother’s contribution in building our first home. My mother’s story of my birth is her all time favourite. Stories, stories and more stories.

I don’t know if I would have stories to take to my kids. But, I’m sure I keep longing for stories. Stories which move you towards love; towards passion; towards humility; towards completeness; towards satisfaction; towards God; towards people. Rooh is one such.

Rooh gives a story that lets you believe in people, along with their shortcomings. It does not glorify a character as hero. It defines the characters as it is and allows you to still love them. Be it Jyothi, Anwar, Rafiya, Devi or Ahamed. Everyone have their fall and everyone rise. Their stories give us enough strength to live one more day. A purpose to push another pathetic day. Stories that keep you going. Stories that stay with you. Stories that reshape you. More importantly, stories that retain you. Read through Rooh. You’ll love God. You’ll love people. And you’ll start believing more of God and people.

Sip Rooh; like a wine.

Karthik Nilagiri

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