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RAJNIs PUNCHtantra is a book authored by P C Balasubramanian along with Raja Krishnamoorthy and published by Oxygen Books. It costs INR 125.
The book is very simple and small. It has 30 statements delivered by Rajni in his various movies. This is mainly for Rajni’s fans. When I found this in the shelves of the book store, I was really hesitant to take and get it billed while others watch, as the Rajni jokes (mostly variants of earlier Chuck Norris jokes) are already in circulation vide sms and emails. But myself being fan, I could not resist.
Rajni’s punch statements are so famous and rampant that possible punch statements will start emanating in magazines before movie release. And he has his own way of delivering these statements on screen.
The book says that Rajni’s punch statements are truths that fit all and depicts them as value statements on business and life management. None of the 30 statements or the film from which it has been collected would be new to his fans.
The book is drafted as like Bhagavat Geeta. Rajni’s punch statement in Tamil, it’s meaning in English, a couple of paragraph of its relevance in business and then in life. They end with their own punch statements.
Frankly, the book is rubbish. The translations of Rajni’s statement to English are not catchy and the paragraphs on the relevancies are even more incoherent. After reading, I do not recall any of the parts of the book and that is bad. The book has not interested or impacted me. The photos of Rajni are in b&w and the print quality is bad. So there is no great content for a reader or good photos for Rajni’s fans. Since I have bought it, I will keep it in my library.
My Verdict: Don’t read; Don’t buy.

Karthik Nilagiri

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