Osama dead – Obama

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Today’s day started with the news that Osama-Bin-Laden is dead. I came to know of this at our regular bus stop. On the way to office, I started posting in FaceBook. The posts are below:

  • Osama dead? Why not declare a global holiday?
  • Who will be attending the final procession of Osama? Will Mubarak get bail to attend it? Will Gaddafi be assured safe passage to attend?
  • Al-Qaeda’s General Body Meeting in 3 days to select next leader. (PS: Subject to US approval)
  • Al-Qaeda’s stocks fall. FIIs pull out. Wall Street demands a quick solution.
  • Next line leaders in Al-Qaeda get 1200% bonus. Senior leaders get Golden Parachute.
  • World suspects US hand in killing Osama. US agrees. India and Sri Lanka pass it as rubbish.
  • SMKrish says that it is Pak’s work to tarnish US’s image and deteriorate Indo-US ties. Obama makes urgent call to SMKrish to stop giving statements.
  • DMDK claims that it is not US, but Captain Vijaykanth who killed Osama. A footage in Kalaingar TV reveals Captain kicking Osama in the butt.
  • Subramanya Sami (National Legal Comedian – India) says, “Soni, UPA and Congres has hands in it. I have written about this to Mam Mohan Sing. If he rejects, I will file case in Suprem Court. I have all the necessary evidences.”
  • TR’s new Vinu Food Products (instant mixes and paste) advertisement is also suspected a reason for the killing. The movie marathon on Tamil channels, on account of May 1, could also be a reason.
  • Government withholds all the 3 Indian passports of Osama. Says that he needs to appear in person to claim his passports back.
  • Latest news: Osama, looking at these developments, commits suicide. Obama is recommended for Nobel Peace Prize-Part II.
  • Obama mumbles that he is humbled by the Nobel recommendation. Nobel and Gandhi puke on him.
That’s it.

Karthik Nilagiri

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  1. Too tired says:

    Ha ha ha ha very creative . . . !

  2. Suresh says:

    i was at office when u posted all once i came back i read all of them and they were all really funny..
    machi u shud keep blogging 🙂

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