Maya in search of tantric father

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Maybe a year ago, like any other wired Indian, I was walking on the road looking at my mobile. Around a corner, I would have hit an old beggar. In a reflex, I mumbled “Sorry”. The old man in a clear calm bright voice said in English, “Its okay my son… Just move on…” When I looked at him, he returned a pleasant smile. From his accent and his manners I felt that he would be highly educated and would have been in a good position. I should have started a conversation with him. But my stupid ego and self-portrayal stopped me from talking to a beggar in the middle of a road and hence I moved on.

The old man was wearing rags, but clean. He was poor but looked a lot happy. He had little but seemed content. If I had told him, “It seems you would have been in a good position in your younger days…” I am pretty sure that he would have laughed aloud and responded, “I am still in a good position… and who says that I am old…”

There could be many like him whom we miss to see or identify. This book “Maya in search of tantric father” is about the search of such a man.

A lady lands in India in search of her father. What she knows about her father is very little. But still she is determined to search and prefers to go by her intuition. When the story unfolds, we see that she is right in going by her intuition because her father is such a personality. She meets the right people at right moments. The clues are available to her one by one and enables her in the journey. But they are not easy. There are traps and misguidances. She have to be careful. She has monetary support, the moral support and complete love of her step-father (whom her mother married later). She meets people who really support. She travels to places. She understands that the rituals in India are not just a practice but a have got a real purposeful meaning and reasoning behind it. We understand things from her point of view. We see various places through her eyes. One thing leads to another. One place pushes her to another place. To know if she meets her father or not, you need to travel with her along the book. Wait for a twist at the end that makes this book a prequel for another sequel.

Vipin Behari Goyal

The book is small quick read. The English is simple. There are no unnecessary jargons and the flow is smooth. The book is rightly priced. Though moving across various personalities and places, the flow of the story does not create any confusion in the minds of reader. Very important thing is that the book does not bore you and makes you keep turning the pages, which I believe is the first need of any book.

When I talked to the author, he told that this is real story and I see that the story is well captured in the form of the book.

There are also hiccups. Some incidents are very dramatic, say where the ladies pull a tea-boy and kiss him on his lips and cheeks or the tantric sex practiced. And some incidents that could have been more emotionally put in writing, are missed. Though we could say that the publisher should have been more careful for a few spelling and grammatical errors, it is ultimately the author’s responsibility to check these kind of errors, given that this is not his first book to be published.

However, leaving all that apart, you could go for a read of this journey. Also, wait for its sequel.

The book is available in Flipkart, Infibeam and various portals. For net savvy people, ebook is also available.

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Karthik Nilagiri

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