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Couple of days ago, I was reviewing a book on higher education. Vaguely recalled that I too have once wrote a mail to a friend about higher education. A search in my Gmail proved useful and I could lay hands on the mail. Just hiding the names, I have put up the communication without any edit, except for a couple of formats to suit WordPress. Don’t be scared of the content or the guidance. This is just an effort to not lose the communication rather than any guidance to current students.

By the way, do you think if my mail make sense even now?

From: Karthik Nilagiri
06-Oct-2009 16:50
Re: hi…..
ND, nvk


I appreciate your eagerness to go for further studies. A master degree will really convert you into a better executive / manager and in general a learned person.

I am happy that you are confused. When confused, you will be more eager to become clear and will hence learn more. If you are not confused, you will be looking at one path you like, without knowing whether its right or wrong. Further you will not try to seek anyone’s guidance if you are already clear. Since now you are confused, you are asking for guidance and you will get a further clear picture. Its good.

You seem to enjoy your studies. And also wish to earn good money through your education. Unfortunately only the boring subject will get you a high paid job. So currently we will forget the salary part and look into what you enjoy studying.

We will see your intentions one by one now.

You seem to look into 3 streams



C. MTech  / ME

A. MBA :

If you enjoy being an executive in some corporate (i.e. private companies) solving various problems of the company then do MBA. You may have to look into marketing or finance or human relations or any other stream in which the management puts you into. Salary and work load will be high.

The first choice to do MBA is at IIM (Indian Institute of Management). You need to clear CAT exam. Clearing CAT exams will be challenging. You have to really work hard.

The second set of colleges are like SP Jain, XLRI, BHIM, etc. They accept CAT score or conduct their own exams (like XAT by XLRI).

The third set of colleges are other colleges. To be frank, they are not worth the time you spend in studying the MBA course for 2 years. They generally try to imitate IIMs.

If you want to do MBA outside India, then you have to clear GMAT online exam. You have to invest quite some time in preparing for GMAT exam and a lot of money in studying abroad.

B. MCA :

If you enjoy working in a IT company (which you said you dont, your mail says “but not to be a programmer .. or in a bank”) then you can do MCA. But it is only an added degree. If you are an Engineer with a logical and analysis skills a software company will recruit you. Had you been doing BComm. or BSc. then the MCA will really help in securing a job in IT company. Entry is comparatively easy as Indian IT industry is booming and the pay package is high.

You may initially be put in programming but you may later switch to marketing, liasoning or any other stream within the IT industry based on your capability and interest.

C. MTech  / ME :

MTech  / ME will really help you in becoming a faculty. Corporates will really not be interested in recruiting MTech / ME as Corporates can get their job done by BTech / BE itself. But if you want to enter Government institutes like ONGC, DRDO, HAL, they will really respect MTech / ME. Also, you can become a lecturer and then become a professor if you do MTech / ME. Salary may not be that high. But you can enjoy teaching / threatening students in the classroom.

If you want to join MTech / ME in India, you have to clear GATE exams.

If you want to join MS (equivalent to MTech / ME) abroad, you have to take GRE online exams. Additionally you may also have to clear TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) online exams. Mostly you will end up as Research Associate in some US university / lab. The money and effort required to clear GRE and TOEFL is quite high.

Having said above 3 streams you mentioned, you have so many other jobs which you may enjoy. We generally don’t consider it as main stream subjects. Whether you earn or not is a different issue. O:-)

  1. Photography
  2. Library science
  3. Hotel management
  4. Tourism & Travel
  5. Customer relation
  6. Architecture
  7. Airlines stewardship
  8. Media
  9. Fashion designing
  10. Event management
  11. Public relations
  12. Languages (German, French, etc for translation)

See if you enjoy any of the above courses.

If you can clearly identify what job you love to do, then you yourself can find the career you need to pursue and the relevant  course you need to do.

I hope I have further confused you. Good. Now sit quietly alone or with your well wisher. Take a week to think. Then you ask your queries to ND anna or me. Your queries will then be more clear, precise and will really help us guide you properly.


From: ND
Date: 03-Oct-2009 19:59
Subject: Re: hi…..
To: PJ, nvk
Cc: Karthik Nilagiri

hi pj,

i am going to Mumbai tomorrow for training.

i am glad that, you’re interested to go for higher studies. my preference is MBA, MTech. it is very important to get into a reputed college for MBA else, it’s of not much use. anyway, i dont think MCA is the right choice and also there is no difference in ME vs. MTech, both are same.

i am forwarding this email to my brother karthik who studied at IIM & MIT and presently working as Manager with Reliance.

dear karthik,

pj is my relative girl, presently undergoing BE. she needs some advice on choosing her career. i hope, you can give some better advice regarding MBA and other exams such as GATE/GMAT etc.

nd, new delhi

With Love

“Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.” – Wanye W Dyers

From: PJ
03-Oct-2009 19:47


how r u….

how ur project is going on………

I hope u r fine…

I want some guidance from u for career…

Im very eager to do my higher education P.G

im so confused about my future……

so please tell which is better to choose in the following..





but i want my studies toooo interesting & also help to earn money which makes my life… and i heard about Gate Cat mat xat exams and how to prepare for that… send the details of that tooo..

Im interested in getting job in communication side like BSNL Aircel or suntv .. but not to be a programmer .. or in a bank

I have only u to getting knowledge about IT industry So please reply me … Im eagerly waiting for ur reply…….

Karthik Nilagiri

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