Golden Ganapati

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Creating golden ganapati toy with cadbury's dairymilk chocolate wrapper soorya nilagiri sasikala nilagiri

Golden Ganapati

Yesterday I got a Cadbury’s Diary Milk ‘Wowie’. A Mickey sticker was a free gift to the chocolate bar. I ate the chocolate. By the time I finished, I realised that there was a golden foil covering the chocolate. I searched it amongst the garbage and happily found it safe, sound and intact. I also found a few cockroaches and a lot of ants in the dustbin. But they were no match against my strength. Still, gracefully I let them go. Now I wanted to do something with the golden foil. I searched for objects that may be covered with the foil. I found a plastic Ganapati doll amongst Soorya’s toy basket. It was a rattle. Soorya did not defend while I took the doll. Maybe he did not imagined the consequences as he is just around 10 months old. Now I covered the doll with the golden foil and WHOA, there stood a golden Ganapati. It looked pretty. Meanwhile, Sasi was suspiciously watching me working with my masterpiece. Finally she ordered me to clear the mess and join her for dinner. Ok, I am bold and can defend myself against cockroaches, ants and even Soorya. But never against Sasi. So I quietly threw the foil back into the dustbin and placed the doll in Soorya’s toy back. Before that I took a photo of my masterpiece.

Karthik Nilagiri

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