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Dhirubhaism is authored by A G Krishnamurthy and published by Tata McGraw Hills. Dhirubhai’s son Mukesh D Ambani has written foreword to this book.
My colleague Vandana and I participated in an essay competition. She won second prize and was gifted two books, of which one was ‘Dhirubhaism’. It’s a little book for light reading. The font and spacing was great for easy reading. The book claims that it could be read in 90 minutes and yes, I actually read in a single evening. Not only that the content was little, the style of writing was also not boring.
The author goes ga-ga about Dhirubhai. No wrong, as Dhirubhai was anyway his boss and mentor. But he repeats more than several times about the company ‘Mudra Communications’ growing from a small firm of Rs. 35,000 to one of the 3 largest advertisement firm in just 9 years. He has used his book to tom-tom his company’s growth and it’s a bit irritating.

The author AGK is obviously a die-hard fan of Dhirubhai. Also AGK has worked personally with Dhirubhai. In 15 chapters, AGK brings out the various virtues / views of Dhirubhai that provides a better picture of Dhirubhai’s characteristics. AGK puts his point with real life cases that he recalls, while he worked with Dhirubhai. Anybody who admires Dhirubhai would love to read this book. But the book will not prompt you for a re-read. Neither there are any great quotes / incidents that you could quote in a writing / speech. Simple, light reading, little book.
My Verdict: Just read; Need not buy.

Karthik Nilagiri

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