Casio MA-150

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Distance between me and music is to be measured in light years.

I first tried flute. But when I tried it the very first time, I completely blew out my entire lungs for want of a single sound, leave alone music. I stopped playing flute, just in a hope to stay alive.

Later when I was in Surat, I thought of practicing guitar. I have seen many films which show hero wooing his girlfriend with guitar. Me and my room partner Dipankar went to Dabkarwad area of Chowk in Surat. There were a few instrument shops in that area. After checking a guitar store I realised that actually there were various versions in guitar. Size varied. Number of strings varied. Strings had to be tuned and replaced at regular intervals. It looked just too complex to own a guitar. We just took a advisory class from the shop owner about guitar and came out.

Once out of guitar shop, I turned my attention immediately towards violins that were displayed in next shop. Obviously, violins are considered as ‘Queen of instruments’. Fearing another round of advice, this time from a violin seller, Dipu pulled my attention instantly towards a tandoori chicken shop. We finished our dinner and came back to our room.

Few days I was without the thought of playing any instrument. Actually I was wondering that which instrument would suit me.

As I cleared Typewriting Lower in second class, I strongly started to believe that I could settle for a keyboard (aka piano, i hope so). Only difference is that keyboard had keys in black and white. And the next only other difference is that keyboard is not numbered with alphabets. And the third only difference is that each key gave different sound when pressed. Keyboard was hence in most ways better than the typewriter, except the only difference is that (Ok! Ok! This is the last ‘only difference’) it had to be powered with 6 AA type batteries or a 9 Volt DC adaptor. Typewriter can be powerless.

Once decided I started to act. I made a search for keyboard in local Khanda Colony shops. Without knowing my aspiration the shop keeper showed me a pencil box piano. I got frustrated and rushed out. I heard him calling back, “Saabji, I can give you 10% discount”. I didn’t stop.

When I went to Shopper Stop at Inorbit Mall, Vashi, I found keyboards in kids section. It was Rs. 1600. But I didn’t want to take from kids section. I was by then determined to purchase one good keyboard from a genuine music shop.

Last Saturday, our department had lunch out at McDonalds, CST. On our way back to office, I found ‘Shalu Music”, with no security guard at its gate. I entered the music shop along with my colleagues Vandana and Mamta. They had no idea why I was there. I looked at various keyboards and started to get worried that this should not end as in the case of guitar. Thank God! They were almost same except added keys and songs in higher version. The shopkeeper understood that the keyboard is for me and more importantly that I knew none of music. May be, I shouldn’t have been fiddling around with those drums when the shopkeeper was explaining the aspects of my would-be keyboard. Meanwhile Vandana started to negotiate very seriously on rate, offers, colors, accessories, special benefits on buying in their store, free gifts, warranty, after sales services, payment mode… Man! I didn’t even know that so many aspects existed in a purchase.

I bought Casio MA-150 keyboard with 49 keys (29 white and 20 black) and 3 year warranty. Adapter was included. Entire thing was Rs. 2800. I also got a bag, to carry the keyboard around, for Rs. 200. I paid the total 3K in credit card. Vandana declared that I could have demanded even more for that money. Atleast 6 AA batteries for free.

Back home, when I showed the keyboard to Sasi, she was much happy for the bag than the keyboard. She declared that she would use it to carry Soorya’s dresses when we travel next time. She just can’t believe such a long big bag for that rate. Apparently I have been asked to buy another bag, for her sister Ganga who is in Dombivili. In the jubilant situation she really didn’t for me spending 3K for keyboard.

Once unpacked, Soorya dashed to the keyboard and played a tabla with both his hands slapping on the plastic part of the keyboard. Till date I am trying to teach him the he can create sound also by pressing the keys. Prabhu made a much more descent trial on the keyboard. He played some tunes. I searched Google to find some e-book on the lines of ‘Dummies for keyboard’, ‘Idiots guide to the music’, ‘Becoming Beethoven in 30 days’, ‘Rapidex keyboard playing course (in Tamil)’, etc. While we were on trials with the keyboard, the kids from neighbors hideously peeped from their apartment and immediately shut their door.

Currently I can play the tune that Hrithik Roshan played in the Hindi film ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, to communicate with his Extra-Terrestrial friends (the blue colored Jadhoooo). Hope to start playing like an expert soon.

I can! I can! I can! I can!………

Karthik Nilagiri

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  1. desigar says:

    after reading this, i just imagined you playing keyboard in CST bound local train at morning peak hours….:)within few days, surely we can recover your total investment(Rs.3,000?). Also i hope that, Extra-Terrestrial friends won’t get upset with our humans. Probably, they may try to counter you by training their ET Jadhooo to play keyboard. Please send me, ‘Rapidex keyboard(Tamil)’.

  2. vedu says:

    going to become a maestro ah … i sure u will become Yaani one day …. download yani concerts and see , it may create more interest to you…………

  3. Ha ha ha ha very funny.good one

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