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Blogs are extempore. It’s not a story for proper planning and penning it down. Of course, there can be refinement. Hence I see that a mail response can also be considered as a blog, provided it’s not as small as a Tweet or a FaceBook post.
Below is a mail interchange between me and my friend. I just changed the name of my friend and nothing else is edited.
P.S.: While I kept providing these kinds of gyans, and standing still where I was at this time of email interchange, this friend of mine is now earning more than 15 lac p.a.

From: Karthik Nilagiri
Sent: Saturday, June 12, 2010 11:32 AM
To: IP
Subject: RE: i know you are going to rubbish off this mail and think that i am mad
Know your capabilities. Make realistic approach. 15 is too high a number. The chances of a disappointment are high. Hence, I prefer that you target a reasonable goal. And as I know how much money you have, I certainly believe that higher CTC is not going to get you any satisfaction. If you feel that people will start respecting you for your CTC then think twice. Instead you may target for wider scope and a job which you can enjoy. I mailed you long back asking about your goal. You simply did not reply. Now again,
What is your plan for next the 1 year, 5 year and 20 year?
First prepare your resume. Nobody can help in that part. I can only refine but never prepare.
If you need 15 lakh per annum, then you really need to be delivering to that level. Sit quiet and ask yourself this question of delivering to that worth.
  1. Know that you are blessed.
  2. Pray and thank for a good parents and family.
  3. Avoid thinking that current job is useless.
  4. Avoid thinking that your career adds no value to you.
  5. Avoid thinking that your CTC is less.
  6. Sit quietly and decide your goals.
  7. Prepare your resume.
  8. Start posting the resume. And realize that it will take atleast 3 months to get through.
  9. List job profile you enjoy and the organization that offers it.
  10. Spend more personal time going out and meeting general public.
  11. Stop reading management books, self development books. They confuse you more than anything.
  12. Find the people who are working which you think ‘dream job’. Know what they feel.(When I wanted to go Saudi, I talked to people who worked / returned from there. I did not found any great merit in pursuing Saudi. What about you?)
  13. Never do any official work at home.
  14. Never stay in home on holidays.
  15. Visit old age homes and orphanages to know how much you are blessed.
  16. Everyday thank someone below your position. He/she can be lift operator, canteen guy, vegetable vendor, etc.
  17. Realize that life is not a business. And numbers certainly don’t count. And do not be concerned of the people who count on numbers.
  18. Don’t drink. It leads to isolation. You can party but never drink alone.
  19. When I call you at my place, do come.
Yaar, you are a good guy. I have never seen you thinking bad to anyone. You never speak badly about anyone behind anyone’s back. Very importantly you never abuse any girls. But you were somewhere stuck behind the terms like CTC, career, job, ambition, etc.
You are in a way innocent but a little adamant like a small kid.
You asked for career counselling, but frankly there is no such thing as career but only life.
Enjoy life.
P.S.: I know you think that all this is bullshit.

From: IP
Sent: Saturday, June 12, 2010 10:43 AM
To: Karthik Nilagiri
Do some career counselling to me…
I need a job that pays me 15 lakhs p.a now.

Karthik Nilagiri

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