Butterfly Walk

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My blog was without any name and just Karthik Nilagiri since long. I didn’t really think that a name had to be put. However, for a couple of months I had been thinking of a name – one that would be representing me in just the name. I, after a little thought, thought of ‘Butterfly Walk’. I even made a new blog called ‘butterflywalk’ but then i didn’t wanted to shift my blogs to it from ‘nvkarthik’. I changed my blog name as ‘Butterfly Walk – Karthik Nilagiri’, two days ago.
Why butterfly walk? Butterfly beautifully flies across. It doesn’t walk. Does it? But it owes its strength to its earlier stage – caterpillar. Caterpillar walks around to feed itself and make it strong to become a butterfly. All the walks the caterpillar carry out helps butterfly soar beautifully. Without the walks of caterpillar, the butterfly is nothing. Many see the beauty of butterfly but miss to see the path it had taken as a caterpillar. Similarly, the experience I gain – as a student, as a friend, as a teacher, as a family man – helps in making me what I am in this my current life. This blog will be a collection of such experiences that shapes my life.
I wish to make atleast 3 blogs in a week. I made this resolution a lot of times earlier to, but this time I wish to honour it. I concentrated in writing things in a funny manner. Now I’ll concentrate in keeping blogs interesting, even if they are not funny.
After a lot of thought i decided to keep my blogs in English and not in Tamil. Though I could have expressed more if I blog in Tamil, I preferred to blog in English with a little hope to reach a wider audience.
Now let me update my experiences regularly in English via my blogs.

PS: This is the update of this particular post.

The beauty of life is that it keeps changing. Today, 20-August-2013, I removed the word ‘Butterfly Walk’ from my blog name. I felt that it did not actually make great sense to my blog and looks odd. Also, my blogs are not coming out regular and certainly not only in English.

Karthik Nilagiri

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