Barefoot to Paradise

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Author : Soorina Arora
Publisher : Macmillan
Borrowed : Vivek Bhatia, RCP, Mumbai
Barefoot to Paradise is a novel by Soorina Arora.
The book was recommended by my colleague Vivek, who generally do not appreciate books that I feel good. So wished to know what is in this book. The book was not bad; but neither great too.
The book is about a single woman who leads her life towards what she feels is the real purpose of life. She pursues the life the way she likes and not compromising for the society or others. It is just the description of her life. I felt it like the Tamil movie ‘Kandukonden Kandukonden’. No villain, no target, but just as saying that this happened to me.
The flow of book is good and the incidents are in order. It does not flow back and forth in time. Best part of the book is it’s frankness. Be it about boyfriends, first sex, or anything which we consider taboo. But they are just a little, expressive and in no way sexy. I found this frankness differentiating this book from others. Then the way of writing. It is slightly humor. I had a pleasant feeling reading through the book. As a reader, I never had a depressed feeling while reading, though the main character is in depressed mood. This as author has maintained the humorous way of expressing even the sad moments. Throughout the book I had a feel-good factor. Various encounters with the may-be in-laws are very great. It expresses the foul smell that lies beneath the beautiful outer covers of the beautiful society. Do not miss these encounters.
I did not rush to finish the book, but nonetheless I did not want to discontinue reading too. It is like a flow of river.
My verdict: Just read; need not preserve.

Karthik Nilagiri

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