Ajaya – Role of the Dice

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Ajaya – Roll of the Dice
Anand Neelakantan
Leadstart Publishing

Mahabharat have been told in a number of ways by a number of people… Yet the story never cede to capture a reader’s attention… And no wonder its my favourite story too… The difference in here is that its told from the view of the lost, the Kauravas… Frankly the book is of neutral view… Hence I loved it even more…

ajaya anand neelakantan

The English is simple… I found just 5 mistakes in entire book – 1 spelling, 2 grammar & 2 punctuation… The flow is beautiful… Dialogues are of different views… Its interesting to see Krishna as bad guy, Yudhishtra incompetent, etc.

Good read… An interesting different beautiful view of the epic Mahabharata…

  • About Karna’s crowning, against the wishes of all priests and kings, Suyodhana says to his mother, “I did it mother because it was the right thing to do.”
  • When Vidhura asks Bhishma to stop Yudhishtra from playing further and losing, “I will not stop a fool from losing. Such a fool who wage everything in a game is not competent to rule a kingdom and I see nature eliminating such a fool in it’s own way.”
  • Arjuna sees only the eyes of the parrot, a target, and fires. Suyodhana sees love around the parrot and hence does not fire arrow.
  • Character Jara and the blind dog Dharma keep coming at various spots.
  • Krishna believes that he is Vishnu avatar, destined to restore dharma. Balarama is worried about this attitude of Krishna.
  • Krishna, “Do not be worried about the Untouchables who are going to die. They are saving you Kshatriyaas from burning down in that palace. Don’t feel bad. Its apat dharma. In next birth they will be born as Brahmins. I will give them moksha. Now let them die for you.”
  • Kunti, “Arjuna, whatever prize you got, share it with your brothers.” The other four Pandavas look at Draupati with lust.

And… This is just part one… Second part would be coming soon…

Verdict: Preserve in your library

Karthik Nilagiri

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