Its indeed a tourist land

Translated from Vishnupuram Saravanan’s tamil poem, published in Ananda Vikatan: You please walk! Its the same streetWhere you walk nowWitnessed a child died of cryingWithout his mother andWithout half of his scalp. You please walk! Its the same buildingWhich you see isWhere a women liberatorWas devoured by four-five menWithout language barrier. You please walk! Its […]

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Osama dead – Obama

Today’s day started with the news that Osama-Bin-Laden is dead. I came to know of this at our regular bus stop. On the way to office, I started posting in FaceBook. The posts are below: Osama dead? Why not declare a global holiday? Who will be attending the final procession of Osama? Will Mubarak get […]

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